The Envisionation Biosphere Restoration Plan is a comprehensive framework and road map for a future to look forward to. It is based on a deep understanding of the functionality of the Whole Earth System, humanity’s place in that system and the full unbridled extent of the environmental damage we have done. It is founded on the basis that if you don’t know what is broken, you can’t fix it!

It presents a high-level path for the delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as agreed by 193 nations. This implies a future with 9.5 billion people living well on this planet, with greatly restored ecosystems by 2050. Its enactment represents the greatest economic opportunity of all time.

Our independent, precautionary, risk assessed approach, is not tainted by vested political or commercial interests of the hydrocarbon economy, which allows Envisionation to put forward viable solutions that are fit for purpose.

This site is for everyone

Because no person, business, government entity or ecosystem will be untouched by the disaster that is unfolding unless we act decisively.
  • It’s for the children whose future has been compromised by the behaviour of past and current generations.
  • It’s for climate scientists, who recognise the shortcomings of mainstream international predictions and the inadequacy of the proposed responses to the anthropogenic impacts.

  • It’s for those who actively want to campaign for solutions rather than just screaming, “Do something!”
  • It’s for politicians and leaders, who need positive plans and messages to encourage voters.
  • It’s for the directors of businesses, who should be aware of their fiduciary responsibilities to their shareholders, employees, and customers.
  • It’s for bankers, insurers and hedge fund managers, who realise that all of their assets are at risk and want to know what to invest in, to preserve the value of their portfolios.
  • It’s for hydrocarbon companies that understand the need to change and want to plan their transition.

We assist, by analysing impacts and identifying opportunities, as they will affect you and yours. We join the dots to come up with solutions. Think of us as a catalyst. We make things happen!