Envisionation is a unique thinktank and consulting group made up of an international network of critical system thinkers, climate scientists, economists, business entrepreneurs and journalists, working to understand the functioning of the Whole Earth System and the full extent of the human impact on it.

We draw the individual components together to provide an overarching view of the whole, providing our clients with essential information to navigate the future, enabling them to identify threats, contingent liabilities and the vast opportunities that restoring Earth’s biosphere present.

The Envisionation Biosphere Restoration Plan is to the best of our knowledge, the the most comprehensive high-level path for the delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as agreed by 193 nations. This implies a future with 8.5 to 9 billion people living well on this planet, with greatly restored ecosystems by 2050. Its enactment requires societal structural changes and represents the greatest economic opportunity of all time.

This site is for everyone

Because climate change and environmental degradation impact everything
  • Children whose future has and is being compromised
  • Climate scientists, who recognise the shortcomings of the inadequacy of proposed responses

  • Campaigners looking for solutions rather than just screaming, “Do something!”
  • Politicians and leaders, who need positive plans and messages to encourage voters
  • Businesses concerned about their fiduciary responsibilities to their shareholders, employees, and customers
  • Bankers, insurers and hedge funds that need to take action to preserve the value of their portfolios
  • Hydrocarbon companies that grasp the need to transition

Envisionation  joins the dots to deliver solutions. Think of us as a catalyst to make things happen!