Envisionation Team

Envisionation is a team that has evolved over the past 10 years. Outside of traditional corporate structures, they are an extensive and ever-growing network that reaches across all the disciplines concerned with the operation of the Whole Earth System, both natural and human.

Collectively, they have spent hundreds of thousands of hours studying the detail of how the Whole Earth System functions, in order to understand the level of our planetary crisis, and determining how to move to a new sustainable paradigm.

The core team’s task is to pull that information together.

Bru Pearce

Bru Pearce leads Envisionation. For the past 14 years, he has been fully engaged in the study of the Whole Earth System. His team recognised that climate change was non-linear as multiple feedbacks interact to reinforce one another, meaning that climate change is going to be the overriding driver of everything that happens in the 21st century.

Bru concluded that man’s impact to the Earth’s biosphere system has been the disruption of natural nutrient cycles, which has led to a greater than 50% reduction in the overall amount of living biomass on the planet, thereby reducing the size of the overall climate management system that supports us. The consequence is a reduction in the resilience of the biosphere system. Bru is proposing a Biosphere Restoration Plan to enable the delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2050. This involves adding 500 gigatonnes of live carbon to Earth’s pool of living things and restructuring financial and legal frameworks 

He is a dyslexic, systems thinker and a lifelong observer of natural systems. He was educated at Millfield School and Kingsbridge Community College, before studying landscape architecture at Manchester University. He then worked as a professional yachtsman, before embarking on a 25-year career in maritime resort development, initiating and developing projects in Europe and the Caribbean.

Guy Jackson

Guy Jackson is a director of Envisionation and oversees business development, who has had a career spanning over 35 years, with key set skills of marketing strategy, PR strategy, crisis management, corporate and product brand management and business strategy. He has vital skills for building a positive narrative, in respect of the great opportunity that Biosphere Restoration presents.

For over 20 years, he ran his own marketing and communications company (GJA Communications), working with brands, such as British Telecom and Porsche, through to the public sector and government departments, before moving into the ‘green sector’, as  Chairman of a green consolidator company, 4Evergreen Technologies. 

Guy is well connected, with close contacts in the business, financial and political worlds. He is a Freeman of the City of London and a Liveryman, with the Guild of Glass Sellers. He is also an active trustee for the Douglas Bader Foundation.

Guy’s hobbies are all things automotive, rugby and glass. Being part of a close family, he is determined to help make a difference in today’s uncertain world of climate change.

Dr. Jürg Gassmann

Dr. Jürg Gassmann is a director of Envisionation and the company’s in-house legal advisor. Since 2002, he has been acting as ‘outside in-house counsel’, for various developers and investors. Originally dealing with large-scale coal and gas-fired electricity generation projects, he now specialises in renewables, resource valorisation, water/wastewater, and similar infrastructure projects, as well as advising venture capital investors.

Before establishing his own practice, he was Of Counsel with Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in London; in an in-house legal role with Black and Veatch in Hong Kong and Kansas City; with a Swiss venture capital investor in Zurich; and with The Sumitomo Trust and Banking, in Tokyo.

Jürg took his licentiatus iuris at the University of Zurich in 1986, as well as his doctorate in law in 1989, following a research fellowship at the University of Tokyo. He is qualified, as a Swiss Rechtsanwalt and as an English solicitor (not practising), and speaks German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, and some Urdu/Hindi.

Jim Loughran

Jim is a highly experienced Technology Director, Programme Management Expert, a Prince2 Practitioner, accredited since 1999. Jim has been UK Security Cleared by the UK Government for numerous projects, since 1997.

With an MBA, working in Executive, Director and Managing Director roles, largely in technology-led organisations, Jim is an experienced Director of multi-disciplinary teams and has delivered projects, ranging in size and complexity, managing teams of solutions architects, engineers and developers on IT projects, start-ups and major transformation programmes.

Jim works with businesses across a number of sectors that include pharmaceutical, healthcare, banking, financial services, retail, aerospace and automotive, defence, insurance, and energy.

His primary expertise includes: Corporate Technology Divisional Director; Strategic and Executive Client Advisor and Programme Director: Change Management and Process Improvement Specialist; Team Building and Development; Aston University MBA Programme Mentor.

Jim’s clients have included: European Bank for Reconstruction & Development; London 2012 Olympics & Paralympics; The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT); UK-MoD; UK Police Forces; British Telecom; Saudi Telecom; Astra Zeneca; Rolls-Royce Aerospace; Severn Trent Systems; SSE.

Bio-Science and Communications

Jacqueline Bond

Jacqueline oversees the publicity and media content, and also coordinates business strategy. She is a trained research ecologist, as well as business owner and developer, having founded and run her own education business for over ten years and been involved in the start-up and growth of several charities and businesses, in the fields of environment, healthcare and education. 

She studied Philosophy, Physiology and Psychology at Oxford University, before retraining with an MSc in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, after becoming involved in environmental work, where she wanted to enhance her understanding of climate and ecosystem change. She has also trained, as a tropical ecologist and ethologist, specialising in the behaviour of bees.

Jacqueline ran as a candidate for the Green Party in the 2019 general election, and boosted the vote, by 150%. She spent the last year working between London and Rome, and learned Italian along the way, adding to her French. She previously lived in Monaco and France, where she worked with an environmental charity, which focused on the protection of marine life.

Scientific Team

Severn Clarke

Sev is an Australian, with degrees in physical sciences, economics and history, topped off with an MBA from Stanford University. His career has encompassed international trade, food and packaging, IT, corporate planning, with experience at senior levels in the industries of pharmaceuticals, and defence.

His first brush with global warming came when fighting the Ash Wednesday bushfires, and in experiencing their aftermath, recovery and reconstruction.

Some of his earlier inventions, such as the Winwick suite, were in the fields of algaculture and improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of industrial processes. Recently, he has invented nine conceptual technologies or systems that address climate and ocean restoration, together with how we might move rapidly to a low-emissions and circular economy.

One of the particular talents he brings to Envisionation is a honed ability to detect (and sometimes remedy) deficiencies and hype, in proposed socio-technical solutions.

Dr Michael MacCracken

Lead Consultant

Chief Scientist for Climate Change Programs with the Climate Institute in Washington DC, since October 2002. One of America’s most senior climate experts.


John Prewer

John is a senior architect and systems thinker, having been influenced early in his career by Buckmister Fuller (shaping his architectural direction) and Professor Stafford Beer (systems thinking), the leading cyberneticist.

John’s unique way of viewing design (and life in general), has led him to create numerous inventions across his extensive career.

He is currently working on integrated systems for stand-alone agriculture, through the use of aeroponics, metal-organic frameworks and electric culture, all integrated into modular architecture systems, that are designed to provide fully sustainable habitats for people, as climatic conditions become ever less stable.

John’s depth of knowledge, experience and contacts are invaluable resources to the whole Envisionation team.

Dr Mark Trexler

Dr. Mark C. Trexler has worked with companies around the world on climate risk and risk management, for more than 25 years.  He has been intensively involved in the evolution of climate change mitigation projects and carbon markets and carried out much of the earliest work on using forests, as a climate change mitigation strategy. He is the primary developer of the Climate Web, an actionable knowledge solution for helping decision-makers access the information they need, when they need it, in order to inform better climate decision-making outcomes.