In our quest to come up with solutions to global environmental degradation and design a high-level plan for a future, as defined in the UN sustainable development goals, we have come across and been approached by, individuals and corporations, promoting a vast array of concepts, ideas and technologies. Where these fit in, we are incorporating them into the overall plan and promoting them, in accordance with their needs and our ability to assist.

We have agreements with technology and system developers at various levels of readiness who are seeking investment and collaboration, in the following sectors:

  • Clean energy generation, wind, solar, deep geothermal, nuclear, energy storage, waste management, advanced pyrolysis, borehole reactors, electromagnetic drives.
  • Energy efficiency in wastewater treatment, ammonia separation.
  • Water capture, desalination, water purification, and substance separation.
  • Applications for ocean and soil restoration.
  • A range of emerging technologies for greenhouse gas drawdown.
  • Solar radiation management and albedo change.