Biosphere Restoration

The biosphere is the thin membrane that surrounds the coagulated lump of space junk that we call Earth. It is the region within which life is active. The surface of this planet that we know has been geo-engineered by the interactive web of living things, over the past 3.8 billion years, by the coding written into the DNA of life. Over the past 10,000 years, human activity has reduced the overall amount of life by more than 50% and degraded the resilience and stability of the biosphere. Human consciousness and intelligence has fundamentally changed the management and regulation of the biosphere and made it our responsibility. Our very survival depends on how well we care for it.

We have determined where we want to go. The target has been laid out by the United Nations.

Wonderful goals, but what will their implementation actually imply?

The answer – upward of 9 billion people on Earth, living well and this further implies a massive growth in global GDP
(which is why all business needs to focus on their realisation).

The Envisionation Biosphere Restoration Plan presents a way of delivering them.

Key components of the plan are:
  1. Communication, education, and the development of a successful human narrative.
    • Understanding the biosphere and humanity’s place in the natural scheme of things.
    • Prioritising the rights of future generations and all life on earth.
  2. Monitoring and prediction.
    • Working with the International Centre for Earth Simulation Foundation, to provide a dashboard for the planet.
  3. Technological and natural solutions.
    • Clean energy and large-scale land and ocean environmental restoration to reduce global warming to no more than 0.5C.
  4. Societal structures and whole Earth system accounting,
    • An economic model, based on living carbon that recognises the true cost and true value of everything, including contracting between the urban and rural areas for the delivery of essential climatic management services.
    • International legal protection for the biosphere to secure humanity’s greatest asset.

Living Carbon Economy

Contracts for biosphere services between rural and urban economies, for the provision of biosphere management services that will create opportunity at every level of society.

  • The world’s urban areas are going to have to contract with the rural areas, for the provision of biosphere life support services.

        Huge investment in less developed countries and rural areas will be required.

        The opportunity and payback comes through the creation of new markets.

  • This will require that we recognise the true value and cost of everything.