The whole Earth system is an immensely complex interrelated web. We work with partners, who are adept at managing this information and we have a global network of associates, through which we can access most of the major institutions engaged in Earth system studies.

Climate Web

The Climate Web is an immense online library of climate change information, organised and cross-referenced on ‘The Brain’ information management software, which allows anyone to delve deep into almost every aspect of climate change and environmental degradation.

ICES Foundation

The International Centre for Earth Systems Foundation is concerned with all matters in relation to the Whole Earth System. The Foundation’s overriding mission is to build a computer model of the Whole Earth System. This will bring together the existing climate models, biosphere monitoring data, and all human activity, in order to provide the overall monitoring, forward prediction and performance data, necessary to allow humanity to actively and responsibly manage and care for our home.