About Envisionation

Envisionation specialises in the high-level holistic understanding of the Biosphere and the human impacts on it.

The company came about because we were seeking answers to three critical questions:

  1. Climate change – how serious is the problem?
  2. How fast will it happen?
  3. What, if anything, can we do about it?

The whole Earth system is immensely complex, interrelated, and interdependent. Its stability is founded in its complexity. However, most human organisational structures are based on specialisation, which has resulted in a failure to recognise many of the cascading impacts across the system. Our appreciation of the complexity and interconnectivity, has led us to uncover significantly under-reported climate change impacts and in consequence, the hopelessly inadequate solutions currently being proposed. 

We are lateral thinkers applying our minds to the complex problem of Whole Earth System. We follow the science, observational data and historic knowledge, wherever it is available.  Stepping outside of established consensual constraints, we question everything and follow precautionary principles, in our assessment of risk and opportunity. This has enabled us to arrive at an understanding of the System’s functionality, prior to significant human impacts and to determine, more fully, the extent of the environmental degradation to the Biosphere. Fundamentally, if you do not know what is broken, you cannot fix it. 

Armed with this knowledge, the Envisionation team are identifying solutions that are fit for purpose.

The company, which is founded on ‘B Corp’ principles, has evolved out of years of research and investigation into the Whole Earth System, and in the process, building a highly diverse network of scientists, economists, communicators, and systems thinkers, who have followed best precautionary practices and used standard due diligence to question everything.

Envisionation’s fiercely guarded independence attracts scientists and solutions developers, who recognise the reality of our situation and are passionate to secure a viable future, making Envisionation an extremely valuable radical thought resource.

In a world where bad news abounds, Envisionation’s Biosphere Restoration Plan takes the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as agreed by 193 countries, as the target, and outlines a comprehensive integrated suite of solutions for their delivery by 2050, offering real hope of  a positive and prosperous future. 


  • If you don’t know what’s broken, you can’t fix it.
  • Our first responsibility is to all of humanity and a commitment to the delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We follow a precautionary principle and a risk-based approach to Earth system analysis.
  • We support issues and projects, while remaining non-religious and apolitical and without aligning with any secular philosophy.
  • We do not aim for societal or political change, or to impose measures.
  • We seek practical and effective solutions.