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Our research led us to understand that the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation are going to be extremely serious, rapidly escalating, and that they will impact almost everything. Dealing with the problems will define the coming decades.

Of course, the impacts will be different for every individual or entity, depending on, location, situation, and activity. 

Our objective is to assist our clients to determine how they will be impacted, how to respond, and where their greatest risks and opportunities lie.

We bring together technology developers and investors, we educate, we assist in transformation, and we promote solutions.


Envisionation offers seminars for senior executives, alerting them to the shortcomings in the mainstream presentation of climate change, by the international institutions in their communications to policymakers. We show how this is not a risk assessment, as would be generally understood by businesses, who are concerned with bottom-line implications.

The seminars take the form of:

  • An introduction to the reality of climate change.
  • Highlighting the full spectrum of corporate exposure.
  • Promoting the enormous opportunities for first-mover companies that become involved in the restructuring of energy systems and in biosphere restoration.
  • Working with the clients to help them identify areas of risk and exposure, as they relate to them and then identifying opportunities for transition and adaptation.


We can be booked to give presentations of the Biosphere Restoration Plan. The talk is generally 45 to 60 minutes, followed by a question-and-answer session.

Cross Fertilisation

We join a lot of dots. Our work has connected us with the developers of numerous emerging technologies, in clean energy generation, carbon drawdown, nutrient cycle restoration, food production, water management, waste management, permaculture, biochar, borehole reactors, carbon markets, legal systems and many other diverse and exciting projects.

It is remarkable how often we are able to introduce one application developer to another, to solve problems or enhance performance.

Forum for Ideas and Advice

Envisionation provides a forum for investors and project developers to inform, exchange ideas, and learn about new solutions and technologies. We only take on projects that have a role to play in the Biosphere Restoration Plan.

For investors and fund managers, we provide high-level advice in respect of technologies that are likely to have significant positive impacts. We aim to play a facilitator role and smooth the path to getting projects realised.