Earth Inc

This report is intended to be a wake-up call for the business and investment communities, alerting them to the very real risks to their asset bases that are now arising, due to the escalating impacts of climate change and to the immediate need for concerted action, without which, there is the very real potential for the collapse of civilisation, prior to midcentury. The very substantial business opportunities that arise, as a result of taking the necessary remedial actions to restructure and retool the management of global energy and the planet’s resources. The overly optimistic projections that arise from the one-dimensional consensus science-based assessment structure, as opposed to a multi-dimensional businesslike approach to risk management. To help communicate this effectively, the report is framed in business terminology and language, conceiving modern civilisation, as a multi-divisional corporation called Earth, Inc.

Climate Change Impacts and Opportunity Framed as Earth Inc 3 (A4 – final)

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